Black Friday In Oxford

With Black Friday right around the corner you must be wondering about all the ridiculous sales going on in oxford. I spoke with the manager at Belk about what Black Friday usually looks like for them. For the first time in a long time Ole Miss will be playing on Thanksgiving Day. All the Rebs are thrilled to cheer them on but what does that mean for the Black Friday sales in oxford. Laura, the Belk manager too me some of the specific sale going on at Belk. Click HERE to listen for more.


“I am because we are” Hurricane Relief Benefit

On November 7th, 2017 the FoxTrot Collection Clothing Company presented the “I am because we are” Hurricane Relief Benefit. They welcomed individuals from all different walks of life to join them in raising not only awareness but money for those affected by the recent disastrous hurricanes in Houston, Puerto Rico, and the Florida Keys. Through beautiful music and an elegant setting they were able to accomplish something they only dreamed of putting together less than thirty days ago. The evening was a huge success.

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Annie Sharp

Southern Craft Stove + Tap


Southern Craft Stove + Tap is here in Oxford. The Southern Craft Stove + Tap is bringing Mississippi seafood to Oxford. Providing fine dine food, while putting a southern twist on it. With a large variety of food; ranging from seafood, burgers, and rib-eyes, the Southern craft Stove + Tap hopes the Oxford community and even out of state guest enjoy there southern cooking. As the years go on, Oxford continues to introduce the world to many fancy restaurants, helping the community stay afloat.

Jo’s Costume Shop

By: Victoria Hosey

The only costume shop in Oxford, Mississippi sits on a back road, surrounded by scrap metal and signs advertising discounts, dog costumes and auto repair.

Jo’s Costume Shop on University Avenue is a series of odd combinations and contradictions. Nevertheless, business is booming as Halloween quickly approaches, and college students and townspeople alike begin the search for costumes.

Jo Prewitt, 78, and her daughter-in-law Norma Prewitt have rented costumes to the city of Oxford for over 20 years, while the men of the family work next door at the family’s “auto-repair clinic” and body shop.

“It’s just a family business, you know – with all of us together,” said Norma.

Norma Prewitt said her mother-in-law discovered her passion for costumes when her sons, now well into their 50’s, were small children.

“She would make their costumes, and people got to wanting her to make them for their kids,” said Norma. “She wound up starting to rent costumes, and from then on she built a business that has continued to grow for years and years.”

Today Jo’s Costume Shop is home to over 5000 costumes, acquired everywhere from members of the Oxford community, to movie set wardrobes.

“You can come in and find anything you want, near about,” said Norma.

This year’s most popular selections include Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump and the clown from Stephen King’s It. Even so, Norma says that the fads of pop culture come and go.

The all-time best selling rental at Jo’s Costume Shop always has been, and remains, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Other popular costumes include Starwars and Marilyn Monroe.

Before Jo had her own building or thousands of items in inventory, Jo’s Costume Shop was operated out of tiny room at the auto shop carwash.

“When her husband passed away… She said ‘Well, I’m going to go build my building,” said Norma. “He had told her, ‘Don’t you go build that building.’”

Jo however, could not be swayed.

“I said, ‘I ain’t listened to him in 50 years, I’m not about to start now,” said Jo.

Since the construction of their two-story building, Jo and Norma have managed to cater to every costume need in Oxford, from fraternity and sorority swaps, to parades and of course, Halloween.

“The college students have been really good to us,” said Norma. “The town people have also been really good to us. We have people come in from all over town. ”

Haleigh Scott, an Ole Miss freshman, visited the store Thursday with her friends to find this year’s coveted Hugh Hefner costume set.

“It’s a cool place to find a costume,” said Scott. “I think this year’s most popular one is definitely Hugh Hefner, probably because he just died.”

Amber Singletary, a recent Ole Miss graduate who will dress as Alice from Alice in Wonderland this Halloween, said she was unsure of what this year’s most popular costume is.

“I don’t know what this year’s most popular one is, but I love seeing what people come up with from popular culture,” said Singletary. “It changes every year, and that’s the coolest part about it.”

Keeping Your Grades and Sales Up

Being in college, especially as a freshman, is a lot of pressure. Imagine running a business in the midst of it all. I spoke with two student entrepreneurs about how they think college has impacted their businesses and what their futures look like in terms of their companies. Listen (here) to hear what they said.

Flag Flap Over Mississippi

” Does Mississippi’s state flag, adopted in 1894 and the last in the United States to incorporate Confederate imagery into its design, represent hospitality or hostility? To some it depicts history and heritage; to others it stands for a history of hate and injustice. The discourse over the flag often becomes so contentious that the debate quickly devolves into a shouting match. FLAG FLAP OVER MISSISSIPPI is a filmic conversation between all sides that will hopefully generate more civil discussion in the public sphere. Flag Flap over Mississippi premiered on Wednesday, October 25 at the Overby Center for Journalism and Politics on the UM campus. A film by Rex Jones “. “( ) To hear more click here .